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| Last Updated:: 26/07/2018


(Arranged alphabetically for easy access)


ENVIS- Environment Information System


MoEF&CC- Ministry of Environment Forests & Climate Change


NIC – National Informatics Centre


HSS - Hygiene, Sanitation, Sewage Traetment Systems and Technology


ADB - Asian Development Bank


AIP - Annual Implementation Plan


AIDSCAP – AIDS Control and Prevention


APL - Above Poverty Line


ASHA - Accredited Social Health Activist


BOD - Biological Oxygen Demand


BCC – Behavioural Change Communication


BPL - Below Poverty Line


BRC - Block Resource Centre


CHC - Community Health Clubs


COD- Chemical Oxygen Demand


CDM – Clean Development Mechanism


CPSEs- Central Public Sector Enterprises


CPCB- Central Pollution Control Board


CPHEEO- Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation


CNG - Compressed Natural Gas


CSE- Centre for Science and Environment


CSIR- Council for Scientific and Industrial Research


CSTF- Common Septage Treatment Facility


CBO – Community Based Organisation


CCDU - Communication and Capacity Development Unit


CRSP - Central Rural Sanitation Programme


CSC- Community Sanitary Complex


CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility


DDWS- Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation


DSACS – Delhi State AIDS Control Society


DFID- Department for International Development


DPS- Duckweed Pond System


DWWTS- Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems


DWSC - District Water and Sanitation Committee


DWSM - District Water and Sanitation Mission


GDP- Gross Domestic Product


GOI – Government of India


GP - Gram Panchayat


GSS - Gram Swachhata Sabha


IRC- International Water and Sanitation Centre


IAY - Indira Awas Yojana


IEC - Information, Education and Communication


IHHL - Individual Household Latrine


IPC - Inter Personal Communication


JMP- joint monitoring programme


LGU- Local Government Units


MBR- Membrane Bio- Reactors


MDG- Millennium Development Goals


MLD- Million Litres per Day


MLALADS - Members of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development Scheme


MNREGA- Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act


MoDWS- Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation


MPLADS - Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme


NACO - National AIDS Control Organization


NIUA - National Institute of Urban Affairs


NRDWP- National Rural Drinking Water Programme


NRSC- National Remote Sensing Centre


NWP- National Water Policy


NUSP- National Urban Sanitation Policy


NSSO- National Sample Survey Office


NBA - Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan


NGO - Non Governmental Organisation


NGP - Nirmal Gram Puraskar


NRHM- National Rural Health Mission


NSSC - National Scheme Sanctioning Committee


O & M- Operation and Maintenance


OSS- On-site Sanitation Systems


PDU- Pilot cum Demonstration Unit


PAC - Plan Approval Committee


PAT - Profit After Tax


PC - Production Centre


PHED- Public Health Engineering Department


PRI- Panchayati Raj Institution


PSI - Population Survey of India


PTA – Parent Teachers Associations


RES - Renewable Energy Sources


RGNDWM- Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission


R & D- Research & Development


RS - Renewable Sources


RZT- Root Zone Treatment Systems


RALU - Rapid Action Learning Unit


RSM - Rural Sanitary Mart


SBT- Soil Biotechnology


SCOPE- Society for Community Organisation and Peoples Education


STP- Sewage Treatment Plant


STD - Sexually Transmitted Diseases


SBM (G) – Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin)


SHG - Self Help Group


SuSanA- Sustainable Sanitation Alliance


SLTS – School Led Total Sanitation


SLWM - Solid and Liquid Waste Management


SSA - Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan


SLSSC - State Level Scheme Sanctioning Committee


SWSM - State Water and Sanitation Mission


TPPF - Twin - Pit Pour Flush (Latrine)


TSC - Total Sanitation Campaign


TS- Total Solids


UNICEF- United Nations Children's Fundrong>


UASB- Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket


UIDSSMT- Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns


ULBs- Urban Local Bodies


USAID- United States Agency for International Development


USEPA- United States Environmental Protection Agency


UV- Ultra violet


UNESCO- United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


UNDP- United Nations Development Programme


VWSC- Village Water and Sanitation Committee


WSP- Waste Sanitation Programme


WATSAN- Water & Sanitation


WWTP- Wastewater Treatment Plant


WSSCC- Water Supply & Sanitation Collabrative Council


WHO- World Health Organization


WASH – Water sanitation and Hygiene


WSSO - Water and Sanitation Support Organisation


ZP- Zila Panchayat /Parishad