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| Last Updated:: 10/05/2019



List of technologies recommended by dr. Mashelkar committee [water]


Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation Government of India

Product Name : MoTo - Modular Green Toilets
Contact Detail : Name : Dr. Mohit Raina
                            Mobile : 9619360023
                            Email :
Product Description : The individual toilet module comprises of innovation carried out in the field of pre-cast fibre and textile reinnforced concrete. The innovation has been tranferred to India from Germany and is used to provide solutions for the Swaach Bharat Toilet Mission.
Product Name : Multihazard Resilient toilet (Category : Sanitation related)
Contact Detail :   Name : Sanjeev Arora
                              Mobile : 9419661810
                              Email :
Product Description : This is a multihazard resilient toilet with twin pit system constructed with the help of mould technology. It is Plan Cement Concrete (PCC) structure.


Product Name : Water to Water Desalitation ( with Renewable Energy)
Contact Detail :  Name : PRADIP SARAOGI
                             Mobile : 9975080515
                             Email :
Product Description : The Rainmaker concept is a system whereby a stand-alone wind turbine - In which no electricity but heat is produced, through the use of a heat pump. This heat is used in a “flash evaporation” process. In this way different water sources such as sea water or polluted surface water can be purified.


Product Name : i Watch - Sanitation Solutions - Bio Technology & Electro-Chemical                                   (Category : Sanitation related)
Contact Detail :  Name : Krishan Khanna
                             Mobile : 9821140756
                             Email :
Product Description : Bio Sanitizer after 20 years of R&D. Developed in India. 2. On Site Hypo generation using World Renowned De Nora Electro Chemistry. 90 year old world class technology from the EU. Made in INDIA.
 Product Name : Low Cost PVC Drainage System at Amrapur Village, Block-                                                  Shevgaon,Dist.-Ahmednagar (Category : Sanitation related)
Contact Detail :  Name : Yuvraj Lalbegi
                             Mobile : 9011111877
                             Email :
Product Description : Low Cost PVC Drainage System at Amrapur Village, Block-Shevgaon, Dist.-Ahmednagar
Product Name : Bio Toilet (Category : Sanitation related)
Contact Detail : Name : YASH SHAH
                            Mobile : 9833159938
                            Email :
Product Description : Single/Multiple User. Human Wastage is eaten/consumed by bacteria charged in tank & outlet is only water.
Product Name : Cemply Swachalay (Category : Sanitation related)
Contact Detail : Name : Amitabh Kumar
                            Mobile : 8380004038
                            Email :
Product Description : The ECO Friendly make-shift toilet can be installed in One hour and can be setup under any terren without the need to dig into the ground.It addresses the immediate sanitation requirement of the nation in an affordable way.
Product Name : Prefabricated Toilet Blocks (Category : Sanitation related)
Contact Detail : Name : Hitesh Panchal
                            Mobile : 9825119779
                            Email :
Product Description : We already erected more than 2000 Toilet Blocks(4 Mtr. x 3 Mtr.) with ONE EWC + ONE IWC + 4 URINAL + 1 WASH BASIN under SWACHH BHARAT SWACHH VIDYALAYA in Schools.
Product Name : Quash's Waste Water Treatment (WWT) (Category : Sanitation related)
Contact Detail : Name : Bhavna Vijeshwar
                            Mobile : 9910030008
                            Email :
Product Description : Used in STPs/Oxidation ponds/Rural ponds.Provides rapid breakdown of long chain fatty acids & hydrocarbons.Maximising natural bio-decomposition,enhances load reduction thus Enhancing stability of treatment system,builds capacity.Effective under a wide range of climate conditions,pH levels,DO content.
Product Name : Prefabricated Toilets (Category : Sanitation related)
Contact Detail : Name : Rohan Singh
                            Mobile : 9779140004
                            Email :
Product Description : ThrivEarth EcoBin Integrated Solution=Garbage segregation(70-80% compostable/rest recyclable)+Liquid Organic Fertilizer free+Compost every month+Insect & Pest control+Clean & Smell free environs+healthy green plants+Zero pesticides+Waste to Vegetables. A Initiative for a Swachhe Bharat!
Product Name : WVM-Water Vending Machine (With or Without Operator)(Category : Water related)
Contact Detail : Name : Vinay Sharma
                         Mobile : 9537520540
                         Email : 
Product Description : Water vending Machine-our WVM is very functional in terms of water treatment by RO, storage in 304 SS tank, chilled and vending at any public location via automatic coin/RF operation or by operator can help for dispensing the water via master controller.



 Source : Ministry Of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Goverment of India