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Water Currents: WASH and Financing
Healthy environments for healthier populations: Why do they matter, and what can we do?
Improving households’ attitudes and behaviours to increase toilet use in Bihar, India
International initiative for impact evaluation
Impacts of low-cost interventions to improve latrine use and safe disposal of child faeces in rural Odisha, India
International initiative for impact evaluation
 From ODF To ODF Plus Rural Sanitation Strategy
Department Of Drinking Water And Sanitation Ministry Of Jal Shakti
Health, Safety and Dignity of Sanitation Workers
Full Pdf
Sanitation Large And Dense Villages Of India: The Last Mile and Beyond
Full Pdf Center For Policy Research 2019
A Systems Approach to Capacity Building: Lessons from Sanitation Capacity Building Platform (SCBP), India
Full Pdf IRC 2019
Positioning WASH services within a systems framework and demonstrating achievement of open defecation free status at scale - An example from the Indian State of Bihar
Full Pdf IRC 2019
The Sanitation Cityscape Conceptual Framework – understanding urban sanitation systems
Full Pdf IRC 2019
Full Chain Sanitation Services in Small and Medium Towns
Full Pdf WASH 2019
National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey (Narss) 2018-19
Full Pdf IPE Global 2019
Is Africa on Track to Achieve  the SDGs on Sanitation?
Full Pdf SDGs 2019
Female-friendly public and community toilets: a guide for planners and decision makers
Full Pdf unicef 2018
2018 Water, Hygiene And Sanitation Barometer
Full Pdf Alexandre Giraud 2018
Community engagement in Sanitation: a landscape Review
Full Pdf HIF 2018
Guidelines on Sanitation and Health
Full Pdf WHO 2018
Engaging men and boys in sanitation and hygiene programmes
Full Pdf WaterAid 2018
Assessing The Market For Safe Fecal Waste Emptying Services In Low-Income Areas Of Kisumu, Kenya
Solid Waste Management Initiatives In Urban India
National Institute of Urban Affairs
Plastic & Climate The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet
Shared And Public Toilets Championing Delivery Models That Work Full Pdf Word Bank Group 2018
An integrated approach to peri-urban sanitation and hygiene in Maputo
Full Pdf WSUP 2018
High-quality shared toilets can reduce women’s feelings of stress due to fear of violence
Full Pdf WSUP 2018
Synthesis Document: Providing sanitation is the best investment for promoting tourism in India
Review of health data in selected ODF and non-ODF districts under the SBM
Full Pdf Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation 2018
Transgender-inclusive sanitation: insights from South Asia
Community-Led Total Sanitation
How does Community-Led Total Sanitation affect latrine ownership? A quantitative case study from Mozambique
Full Pdf Community-Led Total Sanitation 2018
Out of Order: The State of the World’s Toilets 2017
Full Pdf  WaterAid 2017
Quality and sustainability of toilets
Full Pdf  WaterAid 2017
The Sanitation Economy in India
Full Pdf Toilet Board Coalition 2017
Findings and lessons from ICT-based feedback surveys on water supply and sanitation services in Indian cities Full Pdf
World Bank Group
Progress Brief 2014-2016 Sustainable Sanitation & Hygiene for All in Bhutan and Nepal
Full Pdf WASH 2017
Non-Revenue Water reduction: a critical step towards commercial viability
Full Pdf WSUP 2017
Sanitation Innovation Accelerator 2016
Full Pdf IRC 2016
Making sanitation happen: turning ‘political will’ into action
Full Pdf WaterAid 2016
Sanitation and Hygiene Behaviour change at scale : Understanding slippage
Full Pdf GSF 2016
Can behaviour change approaches improve the cleanliness and functionality of shared toilets?
Full Pdf WSUP 2016
Livelihood of Slum-dwellers Findings from Baseline Survey of Ultra Poor Programme
 Sanitation Saftey Planning
Full Pdf  WHO 2016
Can behaviour change approaches improve the cleanliness and functionality of shared toilets?
Full Pdf WSUP 2016
Culture and the health transition: Understanding sanitation behaviour in rural north India
Full Pdf IGC 2015
Making Sanitation and Hygiene Safer- Reducing Vulnerabilities to Violence
Full Pdf TSC 2015
Economic Assessment of Sanitation Interventions in Southeast Asia
Full Pdf WSP, The World Bank 2015
Child Feces Disposal in HAITI 
Full Pdf WSP, The World Bank 2015
Child Feces Disposal in Burkina Faso
Full Pdf WSP, The World Bank 2015
Child Feces Disposal in Senegal
Full Pdf WSP, The World Bank 2015
Water Supply and Sanitation in Rwanda
Full Pdf WSP,UNICEF 2015
Towards systemic change in urban sanitation
Full Pdf IRC 2014
 Key Findings of a Sanitation Supply Chains Study in Eastern and Southern Africa
Full Pdf UNICEF 2014
Child Feces Disposal in CAMBODIA
Full Pdf WSP UNICEF 2014
Rural Consumer Sanitation Adoption Study in Cambodia
Full Pdf Water Shed 2014
Can Demand for Toilets be Encouraged?Evidence from Indonesia
Full Pdf  The World Bank 2014
World IT based innovation in rural/urban WSS - Sanitation Hackathon
Full Pdf World Bank 2014
Investing In Water and Sanitation: Increasing Access, Reducing Inequalities
Full Pdf WHO 2014
Kenya Onsite Sanitation Market Intelligence
Full Pdf WSP 2013
Improved SanItatIon and ItS Impact on chIldren: an exploratIon of Sanergy
Full Pdf Heather Esper, Ted London, and Yaquta Kanchwala 2013
Investing in the Next Generation: Growing Tall and Smart with Toilets
Full Pdf WSP 2013
Economic Assessment of  Sanitation Interventions in Lao People’s Democratic Republic Full Pdf WSP 2013
Ground water contamination: Effect of sanitation system in rural India
Full Pdf IWP 2013
Urban Frontiers for Sanitation Program
Full Pdf Darren Saywell 2012
Sanitation Drive to 2015 Planners’ Guide
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UN Water
Handbook on Technical options for on-site Sanitation
Full Pdf Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation 2012
Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene
Full Pdf WSSCC 2012
Equity and Inclusion in Sanitation and Hygiene in Africa
Full Pdf Archana Patkar, Louisa Gosling 2011
Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment
Full Pdf UNDP 2011
Establishment and management of community sanitary complexes in rural areas - A handbook
Full Pdf
WSP and DDWS (MoRD), Govt. of India
Assessment study of impact and sustainability of Nirmal Gram Puraskar
CMS Environment
Guidance on Water Supply and Sanitation in Extreme Weather Events
From Dreams to Reality: Compendium of Best Practices in Rural Sanitation in India
WSP, World Bank and MoRD, DDWS, Govt. of India