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| Last Updated:06/01/2014

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Public toilet needed at burial ground

The Tindu, 06 January, 2014


In absence of a public toilet at Puri Swargadwar, women participating in the last rites of their near and dear ones are facing various problems. Hotels along the beach are refusing to make the facility available to women under the pretext that all rooms are occupied by tourists. The government should understand the plight of people and initiate steps to construct a public toilet near the Swargadwar.


K.C. Mohanti, Bhubaneswar




The victory of the Aam Admi Party (AAP) in Delhi is a manifestation of the collective anger of people against corruption. While the AAP has occupied the hot seat in Delhi by promising to put an end to corruption, it remains to be seen how it will go after people indulging in the illegal activity, particularly those who hold a sway in the corridors of power and wield considerable influence.


Any delay in ordering probe into major corruption cases would give an impression that the AAP too is going soft and is working at the behest of the Congress. However, for the BJP and the Congress, the longer the AAP rules the more difficult will be their task in the next election.


Undoubtedly, the BJP’s march nationally has been obstructed by the AAP. The NaMo wave, which is said to be sweeping across the country, has faded.


Srikant Mallick, Bhubaneswar




India’s drubbing at the hands of the Proteas in South Africa indicates Indian cricket team’s weakness against fast bowling. The big names of Indian cricket have proved to be flop on South African soil. The question arises whether we can claim ourselves to be a leader in world cricket.


Just a month ago, Pakistani cricket team defeated South Africa in their backyard. It has proved that the Pakistani cricketers, despite facing disturbances at home, are talented and better equipped.


The Indian team should learn how to play cricket passionately. Indian cricketers seem to be playing professional cricket only for money.


Ramesh Sahu, Cuttack