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| Last Updated:08/01/2014

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Plea to check flow of industrial effluents into river

The Hindu, 08 January, 2014


KURNOOL: A delegation of CPI(M) leaders visited the Tungabhadra river banks in the industrial zone near Panchalingala and Gondiparla on Tuesday and urged the authorities to check flow of effluents into the river. The delegation led by T. Shadrak and district secretary K. Prabhakar Reddy and Ramesh Kumar inspected the river boundaries in the zone and noticed the effluents. The leaders pointed out that even the municipal corporation was contributing to the pollution of the river by letting the sewage into the river untreated. The municipal staff sprayed the lime in the industrial area as a cosmetic touch.


Main source of drinking water


Mr. Shadrak urged the government to save the Tungabhadra river from the industrial effluents which was a source of drinking water for many people.