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| Last Updated:08/01/2014

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Sindhi Colony road now a pale shadow of its glorious yesterdays

NEMMANI SREEDHAR, The Hindu, 08 January, 2014


A boy dodging water that had seeped out from an overflowing drain at Sindhi Colony on Tuesday.- Photo: Nagara Gopal

HYDERABAD: It once was a prime locality, boasting some of the city’s best food joints, but the Sindhi Colony of today lies in a shambles.

Overflowing sewage, uneven road surfaces and slipshod repair works have turned the main road that cuts across the colony into a literal nightmare for commuters.

Those who depend on the stretch as an alternative to the overcrowded Begumpet main road are especially inconvenienced, colony residents complain.

“The main road has been in a shambles for long. One utility company after the other digs up the carriageway and leaves a broken road behind,” colony resident Sanjiv Kumar complained.

A major pipeline work was completed recently and the dug-up area was covered with concrete. But instead of providing comfort, this concrete patch, which runs the entire length of the road, has become a bane for the motorists, he observed.


For one, the gaps between the concrete patch and the broken metal road pose a serious threat to motorists. It is also uneven as vehicles were allowed to ply on it before the concrete could set in, posing a serious threat to the motorists, particularly those driving two-wheelers, Mr. Kumar observed.


The roads here are dusty too, he said, adding that the only solution would be to lay a fresh layer of metal over the current road. Merely filling the holes with tar will only complicate matters as it would leave a trail of uneven carriageway, he said.


“The irony of the situation in our colony is that arterial roads are well-maintained, but the main road is completely ignored,” octogenarian Parminder Singh complained. The problems become pronounced during the rainy season when the drainage system overflowed, filling the road with water, he said.


“Each year, the road is repaired after rainy season, but this year officials have been delaying the recarpeting of this key road,” Mr. Singh said. The lack of coordination among departments and official apathy has turned the colony into a neglected backyard, he said.


An uneven concrete patch through the main road here is troubling motorists and pedestrians to no end