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| Last Updated:09/01/2014

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MP agrees for incineration of Carbide waste at Pithampur

Jamal Ayub, TNN, 08 January, 2014


BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh government has on Monday agreed to conduct trial run to dispose toxic wastes dumped at Union Carbide factory premises, Bhopal at the TSDF facility operated by Ramky Enviro Engineers at Pithampur. Union government presented a schedule in the Supreme Court and the state government would submit a timeline on January 13, informed Bhopal gas tragedy relief and rehabilitation, (GRCC) commissioner, R A Khandelwal.


"It is only a matter of final timeline. Incineration at Pithampur has to take place and the state government has agreed in the Supreme Court," Khandelwal told TOI.


Trial run of 10 ton toxic waste at TSDF facility in Pithampur would be conducted by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The entire process is likely to be completed within ten weeks after a go ahead from the apex court, he added.


The state government changed its stance on the sensitive issue after a CPCB affidavit in August before the Supreme Court where it stated that 350 MT of toxic waste laying abandoned at Union Carbide factory can be disposed of at the incineration facility at TSDF Pithampur.


"Schedule of the trial run has to be in coordination with the state and union governments. The Madhya Pradesh government has till now been opposing the move to incinerate the toxic waste at Pithampur or any other location in the state leading to the delay," said Manish Singh, advocate for petitioner Alok Pratap.


Earlier in 2004, Singh had file a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking scientific disposal of the toxic waste 'dumped' by the then Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL), claiming that it had resulted in contamination of groundwater within and outside the factory premises.


"The latest trial of waste from Hindustan Insecticide (Cochin) conducted by CPCB was done at a lower than average rate of incineration at 90 kg per hour. It took six days to incinerate 10 tons, while it would take at least six months for incineration of entire 350 MT," said representative of Pithampur-based social organization Lok Maitri, which has been opposing the burning of toxic waste.


The organization claims that Ramky Incineration, where toxic waste is supposed to be burnt, is located just 150 meters away from Tarpura village of Dhar district, whereas as per rule the incineration should be at least 500 meters away from habitat.