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| Last Updated:09/01/2014

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Sanitation mission allots Rs 1.04 cr for waste disposal

TNN, 08 January, 2014


KOZHIKODE: The District Sanitation Mission has allotted a sum of Rs 1.04 crore for execution of the project on disposal of bio-degradable waste at its source point. The project will be carried out in 45 grama panchayats and will initially be implemented on an experimental basis at two wards in each grama panchayat.


The Sanitation Mission will also provide help to the beneficiaries to set up pipe composting, ring composting, vermicomposting units and biogas plants. The public may set up any of these waste disposal methods.


The mission will provide 50% subsidy to set up the biogas plant. The respective grama panchayats will also provide 25% subsidy to set up biogas plants. For the rest of the waste disposal methods, the beneficiaries need spend only 10% of the total cost while the rest will be borne by the sanitation mission and the gram panchayats.


Nineteen gram panchayats in the district have already started execution of various methods of waste disposal at the source point.