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| Last Updated:09/01/2014

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Railways to procure toilet cleaning machines

The Hindu, 09 January, 2014


Chalavadi Narayanaswamy, president of Passenger Amenities Committee of Indian Railways speaking in Bijapur on Tuesday.

BIJAPUR: Chalavadi Narayanaswamy, president of Passenger Amenities Committee of Indian Railways, said the Railway Ministry has taken up a project to use only machines for cleaning toilets, as manual scavenging has been fully banned even for railways.

Addressing presspersons at Bijapur railway station here on Tuesday, he said the Railways was procuring modern toilet cleaning machines, and the workers cleaning the toilets had been supplied with equipments to maintain hygiene.

He said that unlike in civic bodies where heavy machines could be easily used and manoeuvred, it was practically difficult to use similar machines in trains, as a result of which manual cleaning of train toilets was a practice for long.


“But now since manual scavenging is completely banned, and it is also considered an offence, the railways has decided to make use of some available machines for doing this job. Though those machines will be operated by the humans, the operators are being supplied with objects such as rubber gloves for protection against any bacterial infection,” Mr. Narayanaswamy said.


Claiming that he had travelled in around 13 States after becoming the chairman, Mr. Narayanaswamy said that one of the most common complaints he received was lack of maintenance of the toilets, both in trains as well as at the stations.


Giving priority to maintenance of toilets, he said that providing drinking water at the stations was also one of his priorities as many stations do not have this basic facility.


To a question, he said that projects of extending railway platforms were under way in several stations, especially after they were being upgraded from category B to A.


Expressing concern over the increasing cases of theft and chain snatching in trains and railway stations, Mr. Narayanaswamy said he would be submitting a report recommending the Railway Ministry to increase the security and put more responsibility on State and Railway police in curbing the menace.


He said that since Bijapur railway station had been upgraded to category A, all facilities were being provided at the station to meet the criteria of the upgraded category.


Cleaners to be provided with gloves and equipment to maintain hygiene

Top complaint from people is about unclean toilets in trains and stations