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| Last Updated:10/01/2014

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Burial ground becoming dump yard for wastes

The Hindu, 10 January, 2014


TIRUPUR: The burial ground situated at Vadugapalayam village panchayat, used by people from two village panchayats and one town panchayat for the past many decades, is lying neglected owing to official apathy.


In the recent times, the wastes collected from Vadugapalayam and Goundenpalayam village panchayats and Uthukuli town panchayat are getting dumped and the sewage from the nearby areas getting diverted into the burial ground. Due to this, using the burial ground is becoming a harrowing experience for people as they had to withstand the nauseating smell.


When contacted, M. Mahalakshmi, president of Vadugapalayam village panchayat, said that she had already written to the district administration a couple of times to allocate funds to clean the premises and put up fencing along the circumference of the ground.


“My pleas did not get any response. Owing to the present state, many people from the region are opting to go to crematoriums and burial grounds in far off places to conduct the rituals in a clean environment,” she said.