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| Last Updated:10/01/2014

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Establish toilet blocks at tourist spots, officials told

The Hindu, 10 January, 2014


PUDUCHERRY: Lieutenant Governor Virendra Kataria on Thursday told officials to take steps to establish toilet blocks at places where tourists flock in association with Sulabh Sanitation Movement.


Mr. Kataria, who watched a presentation made by officials of the non-governmental organisation, said that the NGO had agreed in principle to take up the construction of toilet blocks in important locations where tourists assembled in large numbers.


Time-bound manner


The project should be started soon and executed in a time-bound manner.


Chaten B. Sanghi, Chief Secretary, Chandraker Bharti, development commissioner, D.K. Mishra, Secretary to Lt. Governor, S.B. Deepak Kumar, Collector, and Kinny, chief architect, Sulabh Sanitation Movement, took part in the discussion.