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| Last Updated:13/01/2014

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Corporation to generate electricity from municipal solid waste

S.P. SARAVANAN, The Hindu, 13 January, 2014


SALEM: The City Municipal Corporation is all set to generate 4,500 watt of electricity per day from biodegradable municipal solid waste obtained from hotels and markets in the city.


The five tonnes per day capacity bio methanation cum power generation plant is to be established at Veeranam Compost Yard at a cost of Rs. 90 lakh on a turnkey basis. The private operator would be vested with the responsibility of operating and maintaining the plant for seven years before handing it over to the corporation. Power generated from the plant would be transmitted through 45-kilo watt generator and supplied to street lights and public toilets in the nearby areas.


A survey by the corporation revealed that 17 tonnes of biodegradable solid waste was collected from vegetable markets and hotels in all the 60 wards. Hence instead of disposing of the waste, it was proposed to generate electricity and a project was submitted to the government. The government had sanctioned the funds under the Integrated Urban Development Mission (IUDM) and tender was floated recently.


Corporation engineers said that tender documents were received and are being scrutinised.