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| Last Updated:13/01/2014

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Latest News

‘Make our street cleaner, safer’

T. MADHAVAN, The Hindu, 12 January, 2014


Members of Rathinammal Street Civic Exnora recently organised a grievance meet under the chairmanship of R. Govindaraj, Joint General Secretary, Exnora International.


Many residents attended meeting and raised complaints about issues such as erratic supply of Metro water, poor illumination of roads, nuisance by TASMAC customers, inefficient garbage clearance and poor response from elected representatives to their demands. A resident of Rathinammal Street pointed out that water stagnated in many parts of the road as there was no storm water drain. R. Govindraj said that the Rangarajapuram Main Road-Rathinammal Street junction was very dirty, accident-prone and risky for women to walk through in the evenings. Frequent fights broke out between visitors to the TASMAC shop. Many vehicles act as mobile parlours and no regulations have been followed.


S. Krishnaveni, a resident, said that road was not sufficiently illuminated and there were not enough dustbins on the road.


She also pointed out that dry trees on this road were not removed even after repeated requests. Footpath is also unavailable to pedestrians. Telephone boxes placed vertically on the footpath act as open toilet. They need to be relocated.


Members of the Exnora Club suggested that the road be re-laid, providing proper gradient. The road height should be reduced by scraping a few layers as many flats/ buildings along this road were sinking and got flooded with little rain.


New office bearers of Rathinammal Street Civic Exnora were elected during the meet: K.R. Induchudan (president), O.P. Madhav (secretary), B. Chopra (vice president) and R. Manoharan( joint secretary).