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| Last Updated:15/01/2014

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'35% people deprived of safe drinking water in Nepal'

gorkhapatraonline, 12 January 2014


Bhadrapur: Only 65 percent population in Nepal has access to safe drinking water whereas the remaining 35 percent is compelled to drink polluted water.


According to Vice Chairman of Drinking Water and Sanitation Consumers' Federation, Torup Prasai, electricity is the main problem for supplying drinking water to consumers.


Although the government has a target of insuring an access of all the people to drinking water facility by 2017 AD, still 35 percent of the population has been deprived of drinking water in Nepal. The government is supplying drinking water to consumers through various water projects.


Many people in Nepal are drinking polluted water as they are not aware that it is not good for their health since it is a source of many diseases which may kill them, he said. RSS