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| Last Updated:17/01/2014

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Latest News

E-waste collection drive held in Delhi, Noida

Business Standard, 13 January 2014


NOIDA: To address the e-waste problem, Attero, India's largest electronic asset management company organized an e-waste collection drive in the Delhi-NCR region.


The e-waste collection drive was organized at various societies of Delhi and Noida. An overwhelming number of people participated in the collection drive with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.


A joint effort by Attero and the International Finance Corporation in its 'Clean-e-India' campaign, the initiative aims to keep cities free from the unregulated and improper disposal of old electronics.


Since there has been a massive increase in the usage of electronic consumer durables in India the problem of disposing off old unwanted gadgets and appliances has become a grave concern for the general masses as well as for the environment.


The objective of this collection drive was to educate urban consumers about the threats posed by improper disposal of e-waste to human beings and the environment at large. Great emphasis was also laid on the hazards that e-waste causes if not recycled properly in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.


Due to the rapid growth in technology, higher obsolescence rates of electronics, the likelihood of exhaustion of non-renewable precious metals over the next 30-40 years, and the environmental threats posed by electronic waste, there is a dire need for recycling electronic waste, which was emphasized at these e-waste collection events.


The Clean E-India Initiative aims to raise awareness about E-waste and establish an effective take back model for e-waste collection, by bringing together and working with all stakeholders involved in the electronics supply chain.