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| Last Updated:17/01/2014

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DJB steps to check flow of pollutants into Yamuna Its inspection team finds high concentration of industrial, domestic waste in the river

Tribune News Service, 14 January, 2014


NEW DELHI: An inspection team of the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) today identified the high concentration of industrial and domestic waste being discharged into the Yamuna in an untreated form as the major source of pollution in the river.


The team comprising officials from the treatment and quality control wing of the DJB was dispatched to Panipat for inspection. The team has reported a rise in ammonia level to 1.2 ppm against the limit of 0.2 ppm, forcing the DJB to curtail production at Wazirabad and Chandrawal Waste Treatment Plants by 50 per cent.


The officials said that the Chief Executive Officer of the DJB has initiated talks with the Principal Secretary, Haryana Irrigation, to take immediate steps to prevent the flow of pollutants into the Yamuna.


At present, due to curtailment of production at Wazirabad and Chandrawal Waste Treatment Plants, areas mainly in central, old, north, part of south Delhi and NDMC are receiving supply at low pressure. Normal production will be restored at both the plants as soon as the level of pollution recedes, said the officials.


"While taking up the matter with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Haryana State Pollution Control Board and the Upper Yamuna River Board (UYRB), the DJB is constantly monitoring the raw water parameters and taking all necessary steps to ensure that water supply to the citizens is potable," said an official.


"The Delhi Government has been taking up this issue with Haryana and the Central governments," he added.


The issue of rise in pollution level due to release of untreated waste flows mainly from the industries through Panipat drain into the Yamuna has been regularly raised by the CPCB and the UYRB.


In a meeting which was held about two years ago at the level of the Chief Ministers of both the states where the Union Minister of Environment and Forest was also present, Haryana assured of taking long-term measures to check contamination from flowing into the Yamuna.