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| Last Updated:17/01/2014

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Passengers seek more toilets at bus stand

S.P. SARAVANAN, The Hindu, 17 January, 2014


Health hazard:Slacked lime stone powder used to control stench due to open urination at Salem New Bus Stand. —PHOTO: P. GOUTHAM

SALEM: Any passenger entering the New Bus Stand from Omalur Main Road may feel irked by the stench emanating out of open urination as it continues and pose health hazards.

The left and right side of the entrance for about 300 metres continue to be used for open urination and parking of buses in the area provides people a cover to relieve themselves.

Over 20,000 passengers use the bus stand on any normal day and presence of two free toilets for men is found to be insufficient.


Apart from the free toilets, two pay-and-use toilets are available in the platforms that was also found to be insufficient. Also, people waiting for buses and shop keepers in the premises and in the area use the space for their convenience.


Hence, open urination continues round-the-clock and remains unchecked.


Passengers wanted adequate toilet facilities to be created at the entrance and around the bus stand so that the public are not forced to urinate in open.


A passenger from Dharmapuri M. Krishnan said that open urination causes an odour that is unbearable and pose health hazards to the public. Slapping fine for urinating in public places will not stop the menace and hence, images of gods should be placed so that the public deter to do it, he added. Conservancy workers, who were involved in removal of garbage and cleaning of premises regularly, spread the slacked lime stone powder in the area to prevent stench.


Workers said that huge quantities of powder is used everyday as open urination cannot be controlled unless sufficient toilets are available.


Though the civic body has proposed to construct a toilet at a cost of Rs. 20.10 lakh, it is yet to materialise.