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| Last Updated:20/01/2014

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Toilets at Tambaram East bus stand unhygienic

T.S. ATUL SWAMINATHAN, The Hindu, 19 January 2014


SMELLY ISSUE:Unused toilets near Tambaram East bus stand. People relieve themselves around the toilets raising a stink.Photo G. Krishnaswamy

Buses originating from the East Tambaram bus terminus connect residents to Adyar, Velachery, T. Nagar and the other areas of the city.

Given its status, one would expect better than the ones it has now.

At present, a couple of public conveniences, maintained by the Tambaram Municipality, are located 100 meters from the office of the timekeeper at the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) terminus. They lack sanitation.

As a result, the MTC crew, and the general public, relieve in the open, making the terminus smelly and look uninviting.


The washrooms are unusable. There are no wash basins.


People answer nature’s call at the entrance of the conveniences.


The area around the washrooms stink heavily.


The toilets shouls be repaired and cleaned, said the MTC crew said.


The stretch abutting the terminal has become a public toilet.


“It is not right to blame the public for its behaviour, when toilets have not been maintained properly. The toilets are always closed.


The city does not have proper public toilet facilities. Most of the functional toilets around the city are in unhygienic conditions.


There are chances of people getting infected if they use it.


Our city needs more hygienic toilets near markets, railway stations, bus terminals, and other prominent public places,” S. Krishnan, a commuter, said.


The civic body should have more pay-and-use public toilets.


It should come up with separate toilet facilities for the differently-abled and impose stringent fines on those relieving themselves or defecating in the open , said J. Thomas, an another commuter.