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| Last Updated:20/01/2014

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Corporation considering new sewage plan

R Gokul,TNN, 20 January 2014


TRICHY: Trichy is one among the few cities in the state, but it lacks a fair underground drainage (UGD) system. At many places, sewage water from houses and commercial buildings flows into the open, thus posing health hazards to the public. The public works department (PWD) has been repeatedly raising concern over sewage water entering Uyyakondan irrigation canal and Cauvery river. PWD's environment wing has now suggested to the municipal corporation to adopt the latest technology in sewage treatment to solve the sewage woes.


The PWD environment cell has shortlisted treatment plans powered by biological and photochemical oxidation process. It has already implemented a pilot project based on this system at a drinking water over-head tank at Neduntheru in Srirangam. A private firm, Wyte-Water Technologies, has joined hands with the PWD to treat 25,000 litres per day for the pilot.


"This new type of sewage plant is ideal for apartments. The treated disinfected water can be used for irrigation and for flushing toilets," said K Rajagopal, junior engineer of the environment cell.


Within Trichy city, areas like Thillai Nagar and Srirangam have underground drainage which can transport sewage water to treatment plants in the city. PWD plans to introduce the bio-treatment system to address the issues posed by untreated sewage water. A proposal has been tabled in the city corporation in this regard.


Trichy corporation mayor A Jaya said the corporation has to consider the merits and demerits of the project before implementing it. "While considering the new project, the work is on to utilise the UGD system. It is true that the UGD is not necessary if this system is implemented. But the huge cost for the project is a hurdle. Nevertheless, we are still considering the project," she said.


VP Thandapani, corporation commissioner, also echoed the same view. The high cost of implementing the system makes us think twice before commencing the project, he said.


City engineer E Chandran said the proposal to adopt the latest sewage treatment technology is under consideration. "It is a good technology for treating sewage. It may help in reducing the volume of sewage water mixing in irrigation canals. We also asked them to design the system in a cost-effective way," said Chandran.


K Rajagopal, junior engineer at the environment cell of PWD, opined that that UGD could be replaced with the new treatment plant. "A certain number of buildings can be connected with a treatment plant through normal pipeline system for drawing sewage water. The treated water can be let into irrigation canal as it will not contain any harmful particles," he said.


Rajagopal also said the treated water can be used as drinking water if subjected to further treatment.