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| Last Updated:23/01/2014

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Latest News

Warning against manual cleaning of septic tanks

The Hindu, 23 January 2014


TIRUCHI: tern action would be taken against residents and private operators found deploying labourers for cleaning septic tanks, said Corporation Commissioner V.P. Thandapani here on Wednesday. Mr. Thandapani, who chaired a meeting with officials to discuss the modalities for regulating private operators engaged in cleaning septic tanks and disposing wastewater through tanker lorries on Tuesday, issued a statement on Wednesday pointing out that the corporation council had already framed regulations in this regard.


Accordingly, the civic body had decided to regulate these vehicles by introducing a licence system. Licence should be obtained for the vehicles on paying an annual licence fee of Rs. 2,000 and they would be charged Rs. 30 a trip for letting out the waste water at Panchapur sewage farm.


Owners of vehicles that operate without licence would have to pay a penalty of Rs. 5,000. If the same vehicle was caught for the offence for the third time, the vehicle would be impounded and auctioned.


Some of the truckers let out the sewage collected by them in open spaces in the city and on the outskirts. The tanker lorries should dispose the waste water only at the corporation’s sewage treatment farm at Panchapur, he said.