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| Last Updated:23/01/2014

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Health and hygiene

Thye Hindu, 23 January 2014



A substantial percentage of girls tend to drop out of school after puberty because of lack of proper sanitation in schools. They are also prone to infections in the reproductive tract due to non-hygienic conditions. That situation is changing slowly with many Self Help Groups working in the field. They manufacture and market inexpensive sanitary towels. A. Muruganantham of Jayaashree Industries has pioneered a machine to make these low-cost sanitary napkins. In Tamil Nadu, the machines have been installed in places such as Tirupur, Salem, Sankagiri, Dharmapuri and Karur. “When respected, middle-aged women visit every house in a village and speak one-on-one about the need to stay clean, the message percolates down to the end-user,” he says.