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| Last Updated:24/01/2014

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Dumping of garbage outside treatment plant draws flak

S.P. SARAVANAN, The Hindu, 24 January, 2014


Power disconnected for non payment of electricity bill


Unhygienic conditions:Garbage dumped outside the private solid waste treatment plant in Chettichavadi in Salem, on Thursday.- PHOTO: P. GOUTHAM

SALEM: With the private solid waste treatment plant at Chettichavadi non-functional for the past 15 days, about 250 tonnes of garbage collected from the city every day have been dumped outside the plant, leading to environmental pollution.

As per the contract, the corporation has to supply 350 metric tonnes of garbage to the Gujarat-based company every day for waste segregation.

After the process, the company will dump the remaining waste in the secured land outside the company.


Currently, the corporation supplies about 250 to 300 metric tonne waste every day, all of it transported through 90 vehicles.


As the company was not operating, the untreated garbage was dumped with the treated garbage in the secured land. Also, the corporation’s earthmover is used to unload the garbage from the vehicles and dump it on the open land.


Residents said that the dumping of untreated garbage results in pollution and also causes environmental hazards.


“It is not only the stench emanating from the area but also the spread of viruses,” they added. They said that their protest failed to yield any results and they were left to face hardship.


With complaints pouring in from the public, Revenue Divisional Officer (Salem) Satheesh inspected the plant on Wednesday evening.


It was revealed that due to non-payment of electricity bill, power supply to the plant was disconnected and hence garbage piled up without being processed.


The Managing Director of the company was asked to meet corporation officials on January 29 and sort out the issue.


Residents said that during the Grama Sabha meeting scheduled for Sunday, they would pass a resolution asking the district administration to close the company and prevent worsening of the situation.


The plant is located on the outskirts of the city, about 13 km from Salem.