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| Last Updated:27/01/2014

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Latest News

GSPCB to levy sewage disposal fees on casinos

The Hindu, 27 January, 2014


PANAJI: The Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) on Friday decided to levy fees on off-shore casino operators for disposal of their sewage to the sewage treatment plant through sewage tankers.


The fees will be Rs.5000 per trip per off-shore casino vessel.


Currently the scientific staff comprising of junior laboratory assistant or field assistants were monitoring the disposal of sewage while, the GSPCB officials were remaining present at the casino vessel early morning to unseal the holding tanks for disposal of the sewage from holding tanks to barges, from which it was then pumped into sewage tankers at the jetty. Announcing the several decisions taken by the board of GSPCB at its Friday meeting, chairman of GSPCB Jose Manuel Noronha said it had rejected an application from a subsidiary of the Chowgule and Company Ltd., Goa to establish a Marina in Sancoale bay since it was a bio-sensitive zone.


He said that the application was submitted by M/s Yatch Heaven, Sancoale seeking permission for consent to establish Marina under the Air Act and the Water Act. M/s Yatch Heaven wanted to establish a Marina for 350 berths with associated facilities for boat/yatch repair, boat club, yatch training school, restaurant, etc on a proposed land of 50,000 square metres.


The Goa State Bio-diversity Board had also raised objection to the proposed project stating that the area is an eco-sensitive zone.


The GSPCB chairman said that there were also reports that the production of oysters in Sancoale bay had increased due to stopping of movement of barges used for transporting iron ore. To a question, Noronha said that the GSPCB would conduct inspection of all the shipyards operating along the Sancoale bay since it was eco-sensitive zone.


Water Contamination


By another decision taken at the board meeting held on Friday, the GSPCB has allowed the construction of septic tanks and soak pits 15 metres away from the drinking water wells.


The wells have to be registered with the Water Resources department. Earlier, the minimum distance between soak pits/septic tanks and drinking water wells was 20 metres. GSPCB chairman said that the Board agreed to reduce the minimum distance following a preliminary study and one-time analysis of 42 wells across the State.


The Board also agreed to grant consent to handle stock iron ore stocked at jetties and other places as and when the process of e-auctioning is completed. The Directorate of Mines and Geology informed the GSPCB that for disposal of the stocked iron ore after e-auctioning, necessary permission had to be obtained by the auctioneer.