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| Last Updated:31/01/2014

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Latest News

ODF zones back to square one

The Himalayan, 28 January, 2014


PACHANALI: Declared open-defecation free zones without necessary homework, a number of ODF villages in Doti are struggling to save face.


While latrines in most villages are in bad shape due to lack of hygiene awareness among locals, lack of water has worsened the situation.


Of the total 50 VDCs in the district, 19 have been declared ODF zones. But locals say the situation is no different from that of the pre-ODF declaration period in most villages.


Pachanali and Ghanteshwor villages are faring very badly. “The villages are so full of foul smell that we can hardly walk without covering the nose,” said a local.


Nepal Water for Health field coordinator Puspa Rawal spoke of the urgency to declare the villages ODF again by first making all necessary preparations.


Bharat Kathayat of the Federation of Non-government organisations, Doti, said the condition is the natural result of a rash decision. “How can villages sustain their ODF status when most people still don’t know why they have to use the toilet and face water scarcity?” asked Kathayat. Some villages have been declared ODF zones even though all houses do not have toilets.