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| Last Updated:05/02/2014

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Why are Taj city residents complaining?

IANS, The Hindu, 05 February 2014



The Taj city has been battling a water crisis with supply hit for the last 10 days and the little that trickles into homes is highly contaminated, say people.

Complaining that the water supplied from the century-old Water Works is contaminated and stinking, people have taken to the streets to protest the authorities’ failure to repair a sluice gate at Hindon river leading to industrial effluents flowing into the Yamuna.


Local environmentalists contend the problem will not be permanently solved until the drains opening into the river all the way from Delhi to Agra are capped or diverted.


“The chief problem is what to do with industrial effluents from upstream cities,” said one of them.


“The water that flows in Yamuna is of such a poor quality that even bacteria can not survive... how much chlorine or bleaching powder can you add?,” says a member of the Supreme Court committee on water and sewage for Agra.IANS