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| Last Updated:06/02/2014

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VMC's waste management plan comes to a standstill yet again

TNN, 05 February, 2014


VARANASI: Varanasi Municipal Corporation's (VMC) plan of waste management came to a standstill once again after all the transactions with the private company, Accord, were withdrawn.


The company stopped all its operations including the Karsada solid waste management plant and sanitation of the Bhelupur ward from Tuesday. With this the local body is once again on its own to handle the tumultuous sanitation condition in the city. According to the additional municipal commissioner BK Dwivedi, now that the private firm has withdrawn its services at the Bhelupur ward, the local body will restart its operation there barring door to door collection of the solid waste.


As per the official the directorate, local bodies had instructed VMC that no further transactions are to be done with Accord till further communication. The officials at VMC said that there is still no clarity on the contract between VMC and A2Z and things will become clear once the state government issues further guidelines on the matter. But for all practical purposes it is not a good sign for the waste management in the city. Meanwhile the officials of the private firm Accord maintained that the decision of withdrawing from all the services in the city was taken in lieu of the non payment of dues by VMC for the work already done by it. VMC had earlier delegated the responsibility of solid waste management (SWM) on the private firm, which was working on behalf of A2Z Company. Apart from Varanasi, other cities where A2Z had hired the agency for the SWM, are Ballia, Mirzapur, Kanpur, Badayun, Sambhal, Fatehpur, Aligarh and Moradabad. It is to be mentioned here that A2Z had entered into a contract with the Varanasi Municipal Corporation to take charge of the SWM in the city few months back and it was a second stint of A2Z in the SWM of the city after it had a fallout with VMC on the issue of payment among other issue in August 2012 and resumed the work after almost a year. Officials of A2Z remained unavailable for any comment.