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| Last Updated:06/02/2014

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Upalokayukta shocked by unhygienic conditions

The Hindu, 04 February, 2014


He takes Raichur CMC officials to task for poor maintenance


HEALTH HAZARD:Upalokayukta S.B. Majage looking at a clogged drain at Maddipet area in Raichuron Monday.— PHOTO: SANTOSH SAGAR

RAICHUR: S.B. Majage, the Karnataka Upalokayukta, who visited several residential localities here on Monday, expressed dissatisfaction over heaps of garbage, poorly maintained roads and blocked drains in almost all places.

He instructed city municipal Commissioner Basappa and environment engineer Mallikarjun to get the drains cleaned before evening. He directed Lokayukta police officers to hold the officer concerned responsible for any work left undone.

Residents of Maddipet informed Mr. Majage that there were no public toilets in the area and appealed to him to get a few constructed in the locality. “Almost all residents have to answer the nature’s call in a nearby open area. Wmen and girls are most inconvenienced because they have to wait till night to answer nature’s call,” Anjaneya, resident of ward number 22 in Maddipet told Mr. Majage.


When the city municipal officials said there was no place in the area for constructing public toilets, Mr. Majage suggested that he open area where the residents were answering the nature’s call now be used for the purpose.


Mr. Majage paid a random visit to the teaching hospital (District Civil Hospital), attached to the Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), and enquired with each patient, whether or not the hospital staff were looking after them well and demanding money for providing treatment. However, almost all the patients expressed their satisfaction over the treatment they were getting.


In a malnourished and underweight children’s ward, Mr. Majage inspected the quality of milk and other nutrients. Tipperudraiah, director of RIMS, provided Mr. Majage with all the information related to the functioning and treatment being provided in the hospital. However, Mr. Majage was shocked by the horrible condition of lavatories in the hospital.


“I cannot imagine how people, particularly women, are using these poorly maintained lavatories,” he exclaimed, and instructed the officials concerned to get them cleaned, instantly. While speaking to presspersons during the visit, Mr. Majage said he would order for action against those who failed to discharge their duties. “Besides looking into written complaints, I am inspecting the residential areas. The solid waste and drainage management is very poor. I have instructed city municipal officials to get the city cleaned and they have been set different deadlines for different works. If they fail to do, I will hold the official concerned responsible and order for appropriate action,” he said.


Superintendent of Police (Lokayukta) Ambanna Chippar, Deputy Superintendent of Police S.B. Patil, Circle Inspector (West) Vinod Mukthedar and others were present.


Patients in district hospital express satisfaction over treatment


‘Officers will be held responsible for any work left unattended’