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| Last Updated:10/02/2014

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Residents want to be part of sanitation tender

TNN, 10 February 2014


GURGAON: With HUDA officials working on a new tender for hiring sanitation contractors, local residents have demanded a role and complete transparency in the selection process.


The residents have alleged that the contractors do not lift garbage regularly and HUDA officials are reluctant to take action. "HUDA is paying the contractors without checking on the quality of work," said Amit Arora, a resident of Sector 4.


Residents have submitted a written complaint to HUDA officials about the shoddy work in their colonies.


Meanwhile, the HUDA office has confirmed that it will finalize the contract by month-end, but failed to clarify on the reason for the delay. "The contractors are paid on a daily basis as per the work done. All the concerns of the residents will be considered while working on the new tender," said a senior HUDA official. According to a source, HUDA has started working on fresh sanitation tenders for all the sectors, but the officials refused to divulge the details.


"HUDA has not called for any fresh tenders for sanitation contract and the old contractors continue to be working for them, which is unfortunate," said Nisha Khetrapal, a resident of Sector 10.


"HUDA must be open and transparent about the selection process and instead of selecting the lowest bidder who fails to provide good service, the RWAs should be encouraged to take up the work," said Dipak Mehta, a resident.


Residents said HUDA is not ready to learn from its past mistake. "The authority must ensure that the contractors are equipped with latest gadgets, machines and manpower. Otherwise, the entire service becomes useless," said Vishal Yadav, a Sector 23 resident.