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| Last Updated:11/02/2014

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Clearing of garbage begins after four days

The Hindu, 11 February 2014


SALEM: Garbage that was left uncollected alongside the roads after the solid waste treatment plant in the city became defunct was finally moved after four days and was dumped at two spots in the city.


Due to non-functioning of the private solid waste treatment plant in Chettichavadi and stiff opposition from the residents in Mamangam against choosing their area as dumping ground, the Corporation was unable to dispose off the collected solid waste. This affected the clearing of more than 250 metric tonne of garbage in the city that led to accumulation and residents complaint about it. Hence, collected garbage was taken in vehicles and dumped in a pit at Erumapalayam compost yard and also at a place in Kondalampatti.


Officials said that this is a temporary solution for the problem and all efforts are on to make the company operational. They added that a new scientific inert pit is coming up at a cost of Rs. 70 lakh in Chettichavadi where garbage can be dumped. Work has just begun and would be completed at the scheduled date, they said.


The plant has remained defunct for the past one week due to internal problems and more than 5,000 tonne untreated garbage were dumped, both inside and outside the plant.