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| Last Updated:17/02/2014

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More individual toilets to be built in rural areas of district

The Hindu, 12 February, 2014


Government achieves initial target well in advance


GULBARGA: The State government has revised its target of constructing individual toilets in rural areas of the district under the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA), as the initial target was achieved well in advance this year.


The government had earlier fixed a target of covering 10,000 households in rural areas for construction of toilets. This has been increased to 21,000 households, after the zilla panchayat achieved more than the set target and constructed 11,000 toilets by the end of January this year.


Open defecation is common in rural areas in the district, because of the absence of individual toilets.


As per the latest survey, more than 2.40 lakh households in rural areas in the district do not have individual toilets. Chief Executive Officer of the zilla panchayat T.H.M. Kumar said they were confident of constructing the remaining 9,000 toilets by the end of March.


He told The Hindu that the government had fixed a target of constructing 42,000 individual toilets in 2014–15.


The zilla panchayat has set a target to construct individual toilets in all households in Aland taluk by March 2015, he said. Mr. Kumar said the health activists and anganwadi workers had succeeded in spreading awareness on the need to construct individual toilets and the ill-effects of open defecation.


The incentives for these workers have been increased from Rs. 75 to Rs. 150 per new toilet constructed, he said.