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| Last Updated:18/02/2014

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Latest News

Safe Drinking Water Project started at Gadhdhoo island, 16 February, 2014



Ministry of Environment and Energy today held a ceremony to mark the initiation of physical works in GDh. Gadhdhoo through the “Increasing Climate Resilience through Integrated Water Resource Management Program”.


The Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim along with State Minister Abdul Matheen Mohamed and the officials from the Atoll Council and Island Council attended the ceremony held at GDh. Gadhdhoo this morning to mark the project reaching this milestone.


In the Minister’s address, he noted the progress made by the Project with the civil works underway and noted that the Project would award the contract for the supply, installation and commissioning of reverse osmosis plants in February 2014 under the 100 day plan of the Government. The Minister also noted that the aim was to complete all physical works of the Project in 2014. In addition, the Minister also highlighted that programmes will be carried to increase awareness on the protection, conservation and use of water resources such as ground water, rainwater and desalinated water. And that the project would also train 3 persons from GDh. Gadhdhoofor the operation and maintenance of the system.


Through the project funded by the Adaptation Fund of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change approximately 2 million United States Dollars has been allocated to the development of an integrated water resource management system in GDh. Gadhdhoo under the 8.2 million United States Dollars Programme “Increasing Climate Resilience through an Integrated Water Resource Management”.