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| Last Updated:18/02/2014

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CM inaugurates Navelim sewage treatment plant

TNN, 17 February, 2014


MARGAO: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar and Navelim MLA Avertano Furtado inaugurated the 20 MLD sewage treatment plant in Navelim on Sunday.


The 20 MLD STP, which also includes a pumping station, will now take care of all the sewage that was earlier being dumped into the nullah and Salpem lake. The sewage will now be treated at the STP and the treated water will be discharged into the river Sal.


For years Navelim locals had been complaining about the contamination of river Sal by the indiscriminate dumping of sewage into the nullah and Salpem lake, which are connected to river Sal. The construction of sewerage chambers at strategic points will now resolve this issue.


"The work of cleaning river Sal had started two months back and will be completed in one year's time. As assured, the river will be free from the sewage pollution from next year," said Parrikar while addressing the gathering.


Construction of the 20 MLD STP at the site in Shirvodem is also significant as there was strong opposition from the locals against the acquisition of additional land which was meant to act as a buffer zone to the STP.


Furtado put his foot down and a series of meetings were held with PWD engineers and sewerage corporation officials where he said he would not allow the PWD to ultilize more land than what was required for the construction of the STP at the cost of the farmers. Sources pointed out that the government had then made adequate budgetary provisions for the expansion of the STP in the same area which would handle the sewerage waste of Navelim along with adjoining areas of Margao and Fatorda.