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| Last Updated:18/02/2014

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Latest News

‘Clean and Green Islamabad’ campaign to start from 12th

Daily Times, 12 February, 2014


ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Maroof Afzal will formally inaugurate the “Clean and Green Islamabad” campaign in Sector I10 on Wednesday (February 12) at 11am. According to a press release issued here on Monday, the beautification, renovation and infrastructure uplift were the major objectives of the campaign.


The CDA chairman would also meet the residents and traders of Sector I10 to listen to their complaints and suggestions to make the city clean and green.


A high-level meeting presided over by the Member Environment and Engineering Sanaullah Aman was held here at CDA Headquarters on Monday in this context attended by senior officials of the authority including officials from Environment Wing, Engineering Wing and Directorate of Sanitation.


All the arrangements regarding the upcoming campaign were finalized in the meeting.


The campaign that would conclude on February 25 would initially focus on six sectors – I10, I9, G10, G9, F7 and F-6. Relevant formations of the CDA would jointly operate to make this campaign an accomplishment.


The inclusive “Clean and Green Islamabad” campaign would incorporate cleanliness of streets, roads, parks play areas and markets as well as repair and maintenance of water filtration plants, streetlights, footpaths, manholes and green areas.


Streamlining the water supply and sewerage systems and other civic amenities would also be part of the campaign.


The residents, traders, civil society and students would also be invited to be part of the campaign. Moreover, awareness of the citizens would also be an integral part of the campaign. Banners inscribed with relevant literature would be displayed at prominent places in different areas of the city while LED screens installed at different squares of the city would also be used to publicize the message.


The process for beautification of parks, kids play area and greenbelts was already in full swing while the trimming of wild bushes and shrubs and grass also is in progress.


CDA Engineering and Environment Member Sanaullah Aman has appealed to the residents of the city to cooperate and be a part of the campaign to consolidate the identity of the city as clean and green capital.