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| Last Updated:18/02/2014

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President’s Estate to get a sewage treatment plant

SMRITI KAK RAMACHANDRAN, The Hindu, 18 February, 2014


NEW DELHI: A sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 20 lakh litres of wastewater will soon come up at the President’s Estate. It will provide water to meet the horticulture needs of the property spread over 380 acres.


President Pranab Mukherjee laid the foundation stone of the treatment plant and inaugurated the Jhelum Residential Complex within the President’s Estate on Monday.


“IIT-Delhi has been appointed as the technical consultant for this sewage treatment plant. This plant is in accordance with the recommendation of the Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan (CCMP) by the Indian National Trust For Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) to fulfil the requirements of water supply particularly for horticulture purpose,” said Venu Rajamony, Press Secretary to the President.


The total water supply to the President’s Estate from the New Delhi Municipal Council and other sources is 25 lakh litres, 80 per cent of which is generated as sewage. The STP will treat and utilise this sewage for horticulture purposes in the Estate. The project is expected to be completed within six months.


“The newly constructed ‘Jhelum Residential Complex’, named after the river Jhelum, is meant for the staff of Rashtrapati Bhavan. The complex is built in accordance with green building parameters laid down by the Union Ministry of Urban Development. These quarters are constructed under the redevelopment scheme of the President’s Estate,” Mr. Rajamony said.