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| Last Updated:19/02/2014

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Latest News

Regular water supply sought

The Hindu, 19 February 2014


All for water:Women from to Ward 41 of Tirunelveli Corporation at the Corporation office on Tuesday— Photo: A. Sahikmohideen

TIRUNELVELI: Demanding regular supply of drinking water, a group of residents from Ward 41 of the Corporation submitted a petition to Deputy Mayor P. Jeganathan alias Ganesan, who is also Mayor (in-charge), on Tuesday.

The petitioners said as the public tap and the hand pump on the Tank East Street was surrounded by garbage and stagnant sewage water, the public were unable to access the water source. Moreover, these spots had become a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The overflowing sewerage had even surrounded a few houses on the street.


“When we took up the issue with the Corporation officials, the drinking water supply to this area was stopped, leaving the residents in a lurch. Hence, the Corporation, after cleaning the garbage and draining the accumulated sewerage, should ensure regular and adequate supply of drinking water to the public,” said K. Ganesan of CPI (ML), who had accompanied the petitioners. Another group of petitioners from Tirunelveli Town submitted a petition demanding better basic amenities in their area.