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| Last Updated:26/02/2014

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Residents Welfare Associations worry on sanitation

TNN, 25 February 2014


GURGAON: Residents' bodies that have taken over sanitation work from HUDA are unhappy about clauses on manpower and payment and worry that the budget may not be adequate to pay workers. In some sectors, HUDA has allowed up to 30 workers. The RWAs say the workforce should depend on a colony's size.


One of the biggest grievances of the RWA is related to the number of sweepers deployed to each sector. HUDA has allocated 30 personnel, including supervisors to each sector, and some RWAs claim the number is not enough. "The number of sweepers and supervisors must be keeping the size and number of families in the sector. The tentative budget of Rs 3 lakh sounds great but when it comes managing things at the ground level it is too less," a member of the Sector 14 RWA complained.


Taking matters in their hands, some associations, like the Sector 21 RWA, have taken over sanitation responsibilities and HUDA, under an agreement, is ready to pay them for the maintenance. "We have been given the job on trial basis for three months and we are sure residents will be able to manage it better then the private contractor," said a Sector 12 resident.