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| Last Updated:28/02/2014

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348 'namma toilets' to be built in Chennai

TNN, 25 February 2014


CHENNAI: The Chennai Corporation would build 348 'namma toilets' in the city, Mayor Saidai S Duraisamy said on Tuesday.


"The work on 38 'Namma toilets' would be commenced this week. We will also take steps to improve the conditions in the 850 existing toilets in the city", the mayor said.


The civic body's plan to construct 750 new modern toilets across the city did not take off because of poor response from private firms. The corporation had earlier planned to construct 2,000 toilets across the city.


Corporation officials said that there was a plan to outsource the maintenance of toilets to private firms.


The commissionerate of municipal administration set up the first sensor-based solar toilet at Tambaram bus station in February. Close to 500 people use it every day. 'Namma toilets' have been set up in Trichy and Ooty aslo.


"The 'namma toilet' design came from public consultation. A feedback book is kept at the toilets to collect complaints and suggestions from users. Unlike normal public toilets, these toilets have proper ventilation, water and lighting," said an official.