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| Last Updated:01/03/2014

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Civic body launches technology-based sanitation plan

The Hindu, 01 March 2014


NEW DELHI: Forced to admit that sanitation in South Delhi was a huge problem, the local civic body on Friday launched a new plan for an integrated and technology-based waste management system.


The plan is meant to fix accountability on contractors, as all types of waste will be collected and processed by one concessionaire in a particular zone.


The “sanitation action plan” drafted by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation includes GPS-tracked garbage trucks, a bio-metric attendance system and a control room for real-time monitoring of the waste collection and processing network.


Waste will be segregated into different categories — solid, wet, green or debris — to make recycling easier. The SDMC’s agenda focused on “the three Rs”, explained Commissioner Manish Gupta.


“We will focus on reducing, reusing and recycling,” he said.


The collection of different types of waste will be done through different vehicles, which will take the waste to a mobile processing unit or landfill. The routes of these vehicles will be pre-determined and any deviation or delay will be penalised through an online monitoring system.


“The real problem is throwing all types of waste in one place,” said SDMC Standing Committee chairman Satish Upadhyay. With that in mind, the SDMC plans to educate people to segregate waste at the household-level, so that processing and recycling becomes easier.


The project is expected to cost the Corporation Rs.180 crore per year for a seven-year period. A tender for the project will be floated soon, said the Commissioner.


“The tender document is around 1,000 pages long,” Mr. Gupta said, adding that the project should be rolled out in July.