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| Last Updated:01/03/2014

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Newly-opened e-toilet in Puducherry under repair

OLYMPIA SHILPA GERALD, The Hindu, 01 March 2014


The e-toilet installed on Beach Road in Puducherry.— Photo: S.S. Kumar

PUDUCHERRY: An e-toilet installed near Le Café to cater for crowd at Promenade beach was closed for repairs on Thursday, a day after it was opened to the public.

The e-toilet, operated by inserting a Rs. 5 coin, was officially opened to the public on Wednesday. However, on Thursday, the facility had an ‘Under Repair’ sign on its door. The slot for inserting coins was also blocked.

According to officials at the Department of Tourism who installed the e-toilet, the door was damaged by miscreants and electric wires that open the door were severed. “There was objection to the e-toilet being placed near the push carts, right from the time it was installed,” said an official. The e-toilet is a compact enclosure, whose doors open only when a coin is inserted. It is designed to save power and water, as lights function when the door is opened. The automatic flush is environment friendly.


While there are toilets on either end of Beach Road, there are no facilities near the Gandhi Thidal, the most populated spot at the beach. The location was chosen due to the proximity of the underground drainage


The plan was to install more such toilets in other tourist spots, depending on the success of the project.


It was closed for repairs on Thursday, a day after it was opened