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| Last Updated:10/03/2014

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Garbage makes flyovers in Ludhiana a mixed blessing

Harshraj Singh, Hindustan Times, 08 March, 2014


Although the several flyovers in city have provided relief to a large extent from traffic snarls, garbage collected in the vacant spaces under these flyovers has become a nuisance.


Besides commuters, shopkeepers and residents of the areas near Dholewal Chowk and Bhai Chatar Singh Park claim that despite numerous complaints, municipal corporation (MC) has failed to lift garbage from under the flyovers.


The shopkeepers near Dholewal Chowk have been suffering for the past many years due to garbage being dumped under the flyover. They claim that though they make regular efforts to clean the area, some people, including garbage lifters, continue to throw garbage there, in absence of action from the MC.


“The foul smell emanating from the garbage is annoying to both shopkeepers and commuters. The flyover was built here around 1990, and since then garbage is being thrown here. Some people come early in the morning and throw garbage, but the MC has failed to act,” said Harkirat Singh, a store owner near Dholewal Chowk.


Ankur Saini, a shopkeeper, said, “We work here under the constant risk of falling sick due to the garbage that has become a permanent menace here. The authorities should remove the dump and impose fine on those throwing garbage under the flyover.”


Shopkeepers claim that once they started a drive to clean the area, but neither the MC nor the area councillor supported them.


The space under the flyover near Bhai Chatar Singh Park is also being used as a dump, due to which shopkeepers, who generally deal in trading of used two-wheelers, have made several complaints to the MC authorities, but in vain.


Sukhpreet Khaira, a shopkeeper near Bhai Chatar Singh Park, said, “A shop was allotted to us here for trading of old vehicles. But it's difficult to function in such insanitary conditions, which pose continuous risk to our health. The foul smell makes it very difficult to even stand outside the shop. We have made several complaints, but no action has been taken.”


Besides these areas, garbage is also thrown under the elevated road near Jagraon Bridge.


When contacted, AS Sekhon, chief of health and sanitation wing, MC, admitted that the matter had been brought to his notice, adding that they would soon take action to clean these spaces.