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| Last Updated:11/03/2014

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SDMC bid to fix insanitary latrines with Sulabh aid

The Hindu, 11 March 2014


NEW DELHI: There are 6,123 insanitary latrines in South Delhi, a survey by the local municipal corporation found on Monday.


The South Delhi Municipal Corporation conducted a 15-day-long inspection of the latrines in its area. The names and addresses of the users of these latrines will be put up on the corporation’s website.


File grievances


“We will give them time till April 15 to file their grievances. After that, we will ask them to work with Sulabh International to convert these latrines into sanitary ones,” said SDMC spokesperson Mukesh Yadav.


He explained that the problem was most acute in unauthorised colonies, where there is a complete lack of drainage and sewage infrastructure. The corporation has been running a public awareness campaign for the past month to encourage residents who want to convert the insanitary latrines to sanitary toilets.


Septic tanks


“Over the last one month, we have been asking people to get their houses connected to the main sewers and, if that is not possible, we have asked them to get septic tanks made,” said Mr. Yadav. The corporation has also asked residents to report insanitary latrines in their area so it can take action against the users.


Problem most acute in unauthorised colonies where there is lack of drainage and sewage infrastructure