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| Last Updated:11/03/2014

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Hygiene a major concern in government schools: Report

TNN, 10 March 2014


JAIPUR: A recently released medical check up report of 60 lakh school children in the state showed that there are 45,453 kids suffering from dental problems and over 60,000 school children found suffering from different kinds of skin disorders.


Less attention on hygiene is one of the major causes of health-related issues among government school children.


The officials, who conducted the check up, pointed out various health issues the children have, which are related to hygiene. More than 3.45 lakh children were found suffering from different health problems. A health department official said unhygienic condition is one of the major causes of skin disorders among children.


The officials, who conducted the survey, claimed that these are not major health issues like heart ailment or chronic disease but such health problems affect concentration of children in schools. "Such health problems can be avoided if the skin is cleansed properly and the environment is kept clean and hygienic," a health department official said.


Various government departments conduct programmes to spread awareness on hygiene and cleanliness like washing hands before eating food. During the medical check ups of the school children, the other health related issues that came into light are vision error, speech problems, night blindness, hearing problem and mental disorder.


There were 4,288 children, who have problem in speaking, 6,574 have vision error, 4,212 suffer from hearing problems, 4,134 are the patients of night blindness and 6,208 suffer from psychological disorders.


The health department conducted the medical check up under the school health programme in the current academic session 2013-14 in the entire state. The health check up was conducted in more than 96,000 schools in the state with the basic aim of identifying children with health problems and providing them with proper medical treatment so that they could concentrate on studies for a better future and national development.


The health department also referred children to hospitals, who required immediate medical attention. The children would be provided free medical treatment in the government-run hospitals.