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| Last Updated:13/03/2014

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Sanitation workers go on strike

TNN, 13 March 2014


GURGAON: Sanitation workers of the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon's Zone 3 have gone on strike again over the non-payment of salaries for the past two months.


The commissioner had ordered the zone contractors to pay the workers after a protest outside the corporation office last week. The workers, however, have not been paid yet.


The contractors on the other hand attribute the MCG's insistence to make wage payment directly to the workers' bank accounts for the delay.


"We used to pay workers in cash but authorities are now insisting that we open bank accounts for all employees and transfer salaries there," said a contractor.


MCG officials, however, said contractors are being asked to credit salaries into bank accounts to an end to prevalent malpractices. "Earlier, contractors used to fake signatures and thumb impressions to show salaries were being regularly paid," said an official.


"Some contractors have opened bank accounts for their workers while many are yet to do so. We have offered all assistance to get bank accounts opened. It will help us know the exact number of workers employed by a contractor," the official added.