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| Last Updated:20/03/2014

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Latest News

Eram to be part of ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ fair

The Hindu, 20 March 2014


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The city-based research group Eram Scientific will present their latest product — the e-toilet Imperial Model — at the upcoming ‘Reinvent the Toilet’ fair, scheduled to be held in New Delhi on March 21 and 22.


The features of this model include coin or card-based access control; self-washing and cleaning mechanisms; sensor-enabled water conservation; automatic seat sterilisation; vacuum flushing mechanisms; stainless steel build; touch-free switches; and sensor-enabled wash basin, among others.


Developed as ‘modular and standalone’ units, it is possible to integrate them with existing toilet structures, according to a press release issued by Eram. The agency is also collaborating with the California Institute of Technology and the Duke University.


Water conservation


Eram’s project is one of around 50 exhibits that will be on display at the two-day fair. Eram has been focussing on maintaining a hygienic environment and conserving water.


The fair aims to foster discussions and partnerships on improving the global sanitation scenario and offer affordable solutions.


The exhibition is jointly organised by the Union government’s Department of Biotechnology and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), with the support of the Ministry of Urban Development.