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| Last Updated:22/03/2014

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Latest News

Indonesia: Communities Work to Improve Sanitation, Access to Clean Water

The World Bank, 21 March 2014


With a little help, communities develop and maintain clean water services that they manage themselves –showing potential to achieve universal access by 2019.

Bogor: About one year ago, Mimin, a mother of two, had to take turns with her husband to fetch water for washing and bathing from a stream near their house. For cooking and drinking they used water from a well.


"But water from the well smells and it's tiresome to fetch water every day from the stream," said Mimin. "My family now uses piped water. The water is clean and affordable. It has made life much easier," she said.


Better access to clean water has improved lives


Mimin's family and many households in Gunung Sari Village, West Java, now have better access to clean water with support from the World Bank’s Water Supply and Sanitation for Low-Income Communities project, which was jointly managed by the Water and Sanitation Program.


Under the project, the village received grants to distribute water from springs in the mountains to the village. The community then established a unit to manage access to the piped water.