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| Last Updated:26/03/2014

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Latest News

“Cleaner, Healthier, Happier” Campaign Unveils New Muppet in Bangladesh, India and Nigeria

Moneylife, 19 March 2014


Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street, today unveils the world’s newest Muppet friend, Raya, who will engage children with important messages surrounding proper latrine use and sanitation throughout Bangladesh, India and Nigeria as part of its Cleaner, Healthier, Happier campaign. Raya, a neat 6-year-old, aqua-green girl Muppet, loves to learn and remembers every fact she reads or hears—whether they are useful or not! Aimed at children ages 3 to 7 and their caregivers, Cleaner, Healthier, Happier funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is a multimedia, research driven intervention that features Raya and the world renowned 3 ½ -year old furry red monster Elmo, as they highlight positive behaviors associated with latrine use, sanitation and hygiene.


Brand new to the Sesame family, Raya is a mine of information with some of it being relatively arbitrary (like giraffes only have seven bones in their neck), and some being more essential (like washing one’s hands after using the latrine is important for staying healthy). Always neat and clean, Raya pays close attention to her hygiene, but can be forgetful in other areas. While she may at times misplace her toys and books, she always remembers to wear her sandals to the latrine and knows how to avoid spreading germs