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| Last Updated:26/03/2014

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Owner defends Wing’s buffet restaurant in Hull over zero hygiene rating

Hull Daily Mail, 24 March 2014


DOING OUR BEST TO IMPROVE': James Wing, owner of Wing's, in Ferensway, Hull city centre.


THE owner of a popular Hull restaurant that opened earlier this year insists its zero hygiene rating has nothing to do with food safety.


Wing's International Cuisine in Ferensway, city centre, has been given the lowest rating by Hull City Council, meaning urgent improvements are required.


However, owner James Wing insists the poor rating was down to lack of training and poorly kept documentation, rather than the state of the food.


He says staff are already receiving more training and a new health and safety training officer has been appointed. Records on food temperature have also been improved, according to the owner.


Mr Wing has also spent about £150,000 on providing more food storage space after environmental health officers raised concerns that raw and cooked food were kept too close together.


He said: "It was not that we had a food hygiene problem but the kitchen design wasn't right and we needed to train our staff better.


"We are a big and busy restaurant making fresh food that needs to be cooked quickly.


"I had three restaurants down south that never had a problem with food hygiene ratings.