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| Last Updated:31/03/2014

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The stench here is unbearable

VINAYASHREE JAGADEESH, The Hindu, 30 March 2014


The drain, which starts from Jayanagar 46th Cross and extends all the way up to Madiwala, is filled with sewage and weeds. — Photo: Bhagya Prakash K.


Sewage and untreated effluents in storm water drain make life miserable for residents in J.P. Nagar


BANGALORE: The windows facing the road in K. Bhagavan’s house in Dollar’s Colony in J.P. Nagar 4th Phase have been kept permanently shut for some years now, thanks to the foul smell that greets his family every time they open them. The stench emanates from a large storm water drain that passes right opposite his house. This drain, which starts from Jayanagar 46th Cross and extends all the way up to Madiwala, is filled with sewage and weeds.


“Various chemical industries in the area have been releasing effluents into the drain. What is making it worse is that houses located along the drain are also directly releasing sewage into the drain,” said Mr. Bhagavan, who is a resident in the area for 10 years.


When he approached the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board along with other residents, he was told that treated water was being released from a few industries. However, the residents find it difficult to believe because the stink indicates to the contrary.


H.R. Nagabhushan, president of the local resident welfare association, also pointed out that there were various constructions coming up in the area which were encroaching upon the storm water drain. “Due to these constructions, the drain that is more than 15 or 20 feet wide suddenly gets narrowed down to less than 10 feet near the stretch perpendicular to Bannerghatta Road,” he said. The residents have managed to stop one such construction over the storm water drain in the 4th Phase by procuring a stay order. In J.P. Nagar 2nd Phase, the drain has also been used as a “public toilet” by locals who have cut parts of the fence surrounding it.


Local councillor Chandrashekhar Raju said that the issue of sanitation was one of the main issues in the area and he had received several complaints from residents regarding it. “The BWSSB must take some measures to ensure it is maintained well,” he said.


Meanwhile, BWSSB authorities said that some sewage was also being released into the storm water drain through the Jaraganahalli lake. “Once the pumping work under the Cauvery project, which in under way at the lake is completed, there will be no release of any sewage into the drain,” said Additional Chief Engineer B.T. Raju. He said the pumping work may take up to a year to be completed.