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| Last Updated:31/03/2014

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Cleanliness begins at home

The Hindu, 30 March 2014


SALEM: To create awareness among the people that they too were responsible for maintaining sanitation in public places, members of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) cleaned the premises of New Bus Stand here on Saturday.

T.K. Sarath Babu, district treasurer of the party told The Hindu that thousands of passengers visit the bus stand. Instead of using the dustbins to drop plastic bottles and other waste items, many of the passengers throw them on the platforms itself, and on bus bays. This result in accumulation of waste.

The toilets on the premises are not cleaned properly. chlorine powder is sprayed, he says.

Sanitary workers are inadequate to maintain the premises and hence the party took it as its responsibility to clean the premises, he says.


They distributed pamphlets stressing the importance of maintaining the premises clean and sought the cooperation of passengers.


A three-member team would remove the plastic items on the premises on a regular basis. They wanted the passengers to use the dustbins and ensure that sanitation prevailed on the premises.


Party candidate E. Satheesh Kumar said that if every individual desist from throwing waste in the open and use the dustbins, that would be the major contribution towards sanitation.