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| Last Updated:31/03/2014

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Matt Damon resorts to toilet humour to get his message across

Yahoo News, 25 March 2014


Matt Damon: 'Rea l Opportunity' to Save People through Clean Water (ABC News)


Matt Damon is attempting to attract attention to his fight for basic sanitation for all with a dose of humour and an even bigger dose of humour.


Worldwide, 2.5 billion people lack access to running water and toilets. “Every 20 seconds a child dies because they lack access to clean water and sanitation – every 20 seconds – three kids every minute somewhere on Planet Earth,” Damon told ABC News.


To do something about the stats, Matt co-founded, a non-profit that focuses on bringing clean water and toilets to impoverished communities around the world. But getting people to pay attention to something as ubiquitous as a loo is tricky.


“We have this constant struggle of trying to get people to understand this problem of water and sanitation, because it's really hard for us to relate to it in the West,” he said.


One of the most effective ways of getting people’s attention, Damon said, has been “to attack it through humour,” which is why produced a series of web videos that have since gone viral.


In the videos, Damon “goes on strike” – pledging to not go to the bathroom until everyone on the planet has access to toilets. And he got some of his famous friends, like Jessica Biel (who doesn't actually poop anyway) and Bono (who thinks Matt is a "wanker"), to join in on the strike too.


“It didn't take a lot of convincing,” Matt said. “The truth is people want to help.”


Gary White, the co-founder and CEO of, explained that their non-profit is taking a different approach.


“Instead of just drilling a well and giving it to somebody for free, what we're looking at is, how do we help them get access to a small loan, so that they can get a water connection at their home from the local utility and become a customer?”


Matt says he hopes that by supplying clean water, they'll be able to supply more time for productivity and the "If you actually give them a loan and essentially, you buy their time back…They can have a tap in their house and they can get those hours back to work.”